Theme Of German Propaganda Aimed At British And American Soldiers: SEX!

I came across the German propaganda for American and British soldiers quite accidentally. This is not something most of us are aware of. I was surprised that a majority of the Nazi propaganda posters/postcards meant for the English-speaking Allied soldiers contained only one motif; Sex!

Other postcards often pointed to the fact that while they were fighting at the front, someone else is having fun with their women

Did Goebbels think that sex was the only thing that these men thought about? Were they so depraved (according to the Nazi propaganda machine) that other factors like patriotism counted for little? Interesting.

There are many posters, but we thought it wise to leave out the more graphic ones, lest this site be deemed pornographic!

German propaganda British American soldiers WW2
While British soldier embraces death in battle his woman is embracing an American

German propaganda poster blondes dislike cripples
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The back of this leaflet shows an one-legged soldier, and text - "Blondes do not like cripples."

German sex theme propaganda allied soldiers WW2
This is one is self-evident. While the British soldiers fight and die, the Americans enjoy the company of their women in England

German propaganda British American soldiers WW2
"Another man is eyeing your girl while you are fighting at the front" is the message

German propaganda poster WW2 Allied soldiers
Same message. While the British soldiers fight the war, Americans enjoy intimacy with British women
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